Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Introduction to North Hills Exposure....

The General Store used to be the center of a community where local residents would gather to swap stories, pass on news, and discuss politics. With the advancement of technology in the modern world, the General Store has fallen by the wayside. News and stories were eventually passed on by the radio, then the television, and now the internet. The social gatherings at the local store have been replaced by social media and now Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging are the tools used to swap stories, pass on news, and discuss politics.

Enter North Hills Exposure…….

What started out as the Ross Township Good Government Committee a year ago is expanding in the hopes of bringing the discussion and focus back to the community level. We hope to be a place where those who reside or have business dealings in Ross Township will gather in order to swap stories, pass on news, and discuss politics.

Through the use of Twitter, Facebook, and this Blog, the goal is to keep our elected and appointed leaders honorable and trustworthy. Through candid discussion we intend to rally support when needed, compliment and applaud when warranted, as well as criticize and condemn when deserved. We will share stories that appear in the news, talk about politics and their impact on our community, as well give you a heads up on things that are happening in our area.

So if you are a resident of Ross Township, or someone with a vested interest in the area, we encourage you to follow this Blog as well as our Twitter and Facebook pages. Through the use of technology perhaps we can capture that old time feeling of the General Store as we swap stories, pass on news, and discuss politics!

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