Friday, March 18, 2011

Candidate list for upcoming election of Ross Township Commissioners and North Hills School Board!

After an extended period of searching online and coming up empty, it became apparent that the media has not yet reported on the candidates for Ross Township Commissioner or the North Hills School Board.  Let us correct that oversight and provide you with a list of candidates for the May election:

Ross Township Commissioners Race:

Ward 1
Ann Harold - R
Daniel Demarco - D - Incumbent

Ward 3
Dan Kinross - D - Incumbent
John Sponcer - D

Ward 5
Grace Stanko - R - Incumbent
Margaret Ann Duffy - R
Nino Vaccaro - R
William McKellar - D

Ward 7
Paul Trilley - D
Gerry O'Brien - D - Incumbent
Dan McCarty - D

Ward 9
Grant Montgomery - R - Incumbent

North Hills School Board:

Arlene Bender - D - Incumbent
Louis Krummert III - D - Endorsed by the Ross Township Democrat Committee
Joseph Muha - R
Jeff Meyer - R - Incumbent
Robert Barto - D - Incumbent
Ed Wielgus - R - Incumbent
Lou Nudi - R - Incumbent
Mark Priore ?
Tom Baker -R

North Hills Exposure is planning to bring you more information on these candidates.  We plan to "spotlight" each candidate for School Board and each race for Commissioner.  This should provide you with the some of the information necessary to make an informed decision in the primary election scheduled for May 17, 2011.  If you have contact information on any of the candidates of if you are one of candidates listed, please drop us an email at PerryRochester15229 at gmail dot com or RossRenegade at gmail dot com and provide us an email address so that we can connect with the candidates!

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