Thursday, March 17, 2011

Branching out for just a moment to babble about Pennsylvania!

This isn't related to Ross Township or even the North Hills, but it is related to the bigger picture in Pennsylvania as a whole.

I've been following along with Channel 4's series this week on State Lawmakers wasting taxpayers money.  We have the $1000 chairs, the extra fancy and expensive certificate covers, the $$$ for bottled water and now THIS.

$750 a month on office cleaning?  Nearly twice the amount that is spent in other offices for cleaning (and lets not even get into the fact that PA has 722 offices for the legistlature) and this guy states that he is too busy focusing on the budget deficit and high unemployment to answer any more questions on the "connections" of his cleaner?

Read through the article and see if you are as disgusted at the sense of entitlement as I am.

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