Friday, May 13, 2011

A break from all the seriousness with some fun!

Have you ever wondered who is lurking behind the screen at North Hills Exposure? Or are you quite certain that you know who is madly tapping away at the keyboard?  Perhaps there are enough clues out there that you could figure out who is on the other side of the screen?

Now is your chance to confirm you suspicions, make an educated guess, or simply see how good your detective skills are!
North Hills Exposure is starting a contest to see if you can guess the identity of Perry Rochester!  As with all good contests, there is a prize for the person that guesses correctly……a $50 gift card to Mediteranno!!!
You can enter the contest in one of four ways:

1)       Like the North Hills Exposure Facebook page and post your guess as a comment on the wall.

2)       Become a follower of the North Hills Exposure blog and comment on the blog post.   
3)       Follow @PerryRochester or @RossRenegade on Twitter and “Tweet” your guess to   them by starting your tweet with .@PerryRochester or .@RossRenegade.
4)       Email your guess to

We would also LOVE to hear the reasoning behind your guess, so please enlighten us as to how you came up with your answer!
There is one guess per person and the person who guesses correctly will win the gift card.  In the event that there is more than one correct guess, the winner will be chosen by using a random number generator from
So let’s have a bit of fun in all of the seriousness that is leading up to the election. 
This will also give North Hills Exposure the opportunity to address some of its harshest criticism.  There are those that think North Hills Exposure is a political mechanism for a current candidate in the upcoming election.  Others think that it is a smear campaign brought on by someone with malicious intent.  Quite a few have an issue because of the anonymous factor and others simply don’t take it seriously.  When Perry Rochester is revealed, you will see that it is simply a tool to inform Ross Township residents of the happenings in their own community.  It is a place that attempts to collect all the relevant information on what is happening in the area to pass along to other Ross Township residents. As was stated in the first blog post…….it is simply a place to swap stories, pass on news, and discuss politics.
So let's hear those guesses!!!!!

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