Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help with the Candidate Spotlight!

The questions are ready to roll out!  We are just in need of a few more email addresses in order to reach the candidates.  Can you help us out?

We need email addresses for the following:
Ann Harold
Grace Stanko
Margaret Ann Duffy
Nino Vaccaro
Paul Trilley
Dan McCarty
Arlene Bender
Jeff Meyer

The Spotlight will provide an excellent opportunity to connect with Ross Township and North Hills School District residents. We would like to present this opportunity to all of the candidates!

If you are one of the candidates or know one of the candidates, please send us their email addres so that we can include them in the Spotlight!  Email us at PerryRochester15229@gmail.com or rossrenegade@gmail.com .

Thanks for the help!!!

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